, September 24, 2021

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Disruptors Podcast

Disruptors Podcast

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We capture the stories of innovators advancing their ideas through startups, research, or intrapreneurship.

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  August 16, 2021

Special - Digitizing Democracy with Matthew Heuman

What are the key challenges facing our increasingly digitized democracy, and how might we as citizens contribute to resolving them?...

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  May 21, 2021

The DISRUPT Community


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  May 10, 2021

#133​ - Vadim Lidich // CoSquare

Vadim is currently on a mission to help startups incorporate their businesses. In...

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  May 03, 2021

#132​ - Gunnar Cuevas // CARL

Gunnar is Co-founder of CARL, a technology platform providing greater financial inclusion. With...

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  April 28, 2021

#131​ - Nima Tahami // ShiftRide

Nima is an entrepreneur and designer with a lot of passion for building...

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  April 26, 2021

#130​ - Lindsey Hayzlett // Preserve

Sustainability and anti-human trafficking activist, Lindsey Hayzlett has spent over 15 years building...

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