, July 31, 2021

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  March 12, 2021

#111 - William Lechuga

A technology entrepreneur and accidental educator. William enjoys sharing his startup experience, the...

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  March 08, 2021

#109 - Kathryn Lockhart // Propel

Kathryn is in the business of raising Baby Unicorns in Atlantic Canada and...

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  February 26, 2021

#103 - Stephen Wilson // Foresight

Stephen Wilson has the pleasure to work with an amazing team of colleagues,...

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  February 20, 2021

#100 - Gray Graffam // The Hub

Affecting radical change. Innovation is never planned, it is discovered, and never with...

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  August 20, 2020

#043​ - Harman Grewal // VentureLab

Harman is a creative change maker that has an unwavering commitment to championing...

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  June 09, 2020

#040​ - Sathish Bala // Bala Group

In 2019, I started Bala Group Inc. as an incubator for early-stage startups...

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