, September 24, 2021

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Legal technology, also known as Legal Tech, refers to the use of technology and software to provide legal services and support the legal industry. Legal Tech companies are often startups founded with the purpose of disrupting the traditionally conservative legal market.

  May 10, 2021

#133​ - Vadim Lidich // CoSquare

Vadim is currently on a mission to help startups incorporate their businesses. In...

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  March 13, 2021

#112 - Anatolii Shkliaruk // Paqt

Anatolii Shkliaruk from Paqt is the CEO and Co-Founder of Paqt. He is...

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  October 17, 2019

#013 - Sean Bernstein // MinuteBox

A former Montrealer, Sean moved to Toronto five years ago to begin practicing...

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