, June 24, 2021

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Simplistically, a marketplace is a place where buyers and sellers meet to conduct commerce. In the online setting, that definition still holds true — online marketplaces give buyers a choice in what they would like to buy and sellers a variety of people to sell to.

  April 26, 2021

#130​ - Lindsey Hayzlett // Preserve

Sustainability and anti-human trafficking activist, Lindsey Hayzlett has spent over 15 years building...

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  February 10, 2021

#094 - Marko Semcesen // LocalStudent

Marko is the Co-Founder of LocalStudent, a platform that connects homeowners who need...

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  September 10, 2020

#050​ - Alex Cavanagh // BLUMEx

If you're a founder, investor, or a professional who works with startups we'd...

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  September 08, 2020

#048​ - Najeeb Khan // Council.Club

Najeeb Khan is the founder of Council.Club, a curated community of remote...

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  May 22, 2020

#075 - BLUMEx 75th Episode // #HACKINGCOVID19

#HackingCovid19 is about bringing together a global community committed to fight the disruptions...

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  April 03, 2020

#062​ - Faisal Abid // #HACKINGCOVID19​

We are filming 2-3 virtual podcasts (1PM, 3PM & 5PM ET) every Monday,...

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